If you recently tried to download one or more of our videos and your perfectly good credit card was declined, I apologize for the inconvenience.  Like all companies doing E Commerce, Internet fraud is a big problem so the data companies install fraud settings to weed out the criminals.  If the settings are too low, fraud happens, if they are set too high, perfectly good cards get rejected and that's what happened to you.  We have since had the settings corrected.  

And FYI, if this happened to you with other companies, now you know the reason why. It's frustrating to be a responsible and honorable person with your finances and have something like this happen. I know because it has happened to me too. I often buy woodworking equipment on line and a company I have dealing with for years declined my card.  I was furious and they probably would have lost future business from me had I not learned the reason.  So now you know too.

Ed Lee